Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt Giveaway at The Silly Wagon

Wow, I am simply amazed by the ginormous response we have received to our fabulous Kaiya Eve giveaway here at The Silly Wagon. It’s just incredible the sheer number of you that love Kaiya Eve pettiskirts.

I mean, I know WE love them, Our Little Gigi was just telling me that she wants to BE the princess in the petti with the tiara and gloves (or glubs as she calls them) and necklaces and so forth…such a a princess that one!

Kaiya Eve Pettiskirt
There are still about 13 days left to enter the giveaway, and all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter either on the home page OR by clicking the tab at the bottom of any page here at The Silly Wagon, where it says “newsletter” That sounds easy enough, no?!

For those of you just tuning in, Kaiya Eve is sponsoring this giveaway where we…The Silly Wagon…gets to GIVE AWAY a FREE Kaiya Eve pettiskirt to one lucky winner. We thinks thats just about the coolest thing going and we know we aren’t the only ones…HUNDREDS of you have signed up for the newsletter for a chance to win!

Make sure you get your name in, in time for the March 15th drawing…you do NOT want to miss this.

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