Attention All Cupcake Lovers, The Silly Wagon Love Cupcakes, too!

I simply love cupcakes, I like to look at them, I like to eat them, I love to bake them with my kids, I think its fun to give a cupcake to a friend for no good reason, just cuz it’s Tuesday! Cupcake icing or cupcake frosting, you say tomato- I say tomatoe… it’s all good to me.

CupCake Icing

Here at the Silly Wagon, we have a fun collection of off beat, sweet, sparkly and really delicious cupcakes… our very own Bake Cupcakes, Not War tote, perfect for those who like their cupcake yumminess “green”!

Bling Bling tees, tanks, dresses and birthday outfits abound if you are in the market for a cupcake theme. Shoot, we even have Cupcake Tiaras and amigurumi cupcakes here!!

 Cupcake TiarasWow, I just looked and we have PAGES and PAGES of cupcake inspired, cupcake themed, cupcake invitations…whew, we were NOT kidding when we mentioned how we covet all things cupcake….…

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Chocolate Bunnies Without the Sugar Hangover

Big bloggy love goes out to Kristen at Cool Mom Picks for this sweet little treat! Fabulous Press, now thats way better than a delicious and yummy big hunk of chocolate….hmmm, yeah, yeah WAAAY better!! xoxo Cool Mom Picks, we love you, too! And here is what Kristen had to say:
My mother was notorious for putting together a healthy Easter basket – animal crackers, pretzel sticks, and carob balls. Ick. While my two little ones most certainly do not need any more opportunities to ingest sweets, I also don’t want carob balls flung at my head.

That’s why I might have to go with a No Guilt Chocolate Easter Bunny found at The Silly Wagon. Made entirely of felt – always a fantastic sugar-free alternative to chocolate – these bunnies would be a great cuddly addition to any basket. And even though they come wrapped in cellophane and tied with a pink bow like the edible version, I still say don’t forget to add a few tasty goodies in the basket. Tasty as in not made of carob. -Kristen

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