The Silly Wagon…a shop

We are that shop you discovered on your last long weekend in that little town you love to visit, you knowthe one… you wish they had something, anything like it near home.

You would almost be willing to drive there just to go see what they have in, because although you don’t know what you’re looking for, you always find that special something that you never knew you needed, but now can’t live without!

You found us! And with gas prices what they are, and the kid’s soccer games on Saturday, and your hubby’s annual fishing trip…well, we’ve gone ahead and saved you the effort. We have literally searched the globe for some of the most fantastic art, jewelry, clothes and gifts for you and your own little Silly Wagon!

So what is a Silly Wagon??!!

I suppose we should just start at the beginning! When Whitney was a little girl, she was visiting her most favorite Aunts, and being the first grandchild and niece, she was quite popular with them as well, as you can imagine!

They hosted Tea Parties as Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith, teased Frisky and Lucky, the family dogs and even made home-made caramels wrapped in wax paper and once, Whitney got so excited that she proclaimed loudly,

You Silly Wagon!!!

Now, the Aunts had heard of a silly goose before, but never a Silly Wagon!! The term was instantly adopted by the entire family, including the cousins that came a few years later, Francis, Claire and Grace!! Now, all these years later, even Whitney’s own 2 small children use the loving exclamation.

The term Silly Wagon grew from a cute little endearment into …
a state of mind.
If you wear a tutu and rain boots to the grocery, or a colander on your head while playing the banjo or even if you insist on going to bed in your new shoes…
you just may be a Silly Wagon, too!

Who are these people behind all this fun stuff!!

Vered and Whitney met up through the usual 6 degrees of separation, had a coffee (and orange juice) meeting and knew instantly that they were meant to be partners…both have children almost exactly the same age, a boy first and a little girl after…both had sought to be different from the rest of the crowd and both felt passionately about supporting women artists and designers, family-owned businesses and especially, finding that really great thing that makes them stop and say WOW!

Vered and Whitney put their heads together and decided that nothing they were going to offer to their customers would be anything less than WOW! We do not care to follow the in-crowd, but we do have a strong eye toward style and therefore, you will not find anything thats mediocre in our shop…it doesn’t have to be expensive (although sometimes expensive can be a good thing…) but it HAS to be high quality, functional and at the same time, if it happens to inspire you, then we feel we are doing our job!

We hope you enjoy visiting and shopping at The Silly Wagon as much as we enjoy finding the “stuff” to fill it! Join our newsletter to be kept up to date on what’s new, things we love and what you’re not going to want to live with out! And if you have an artist or designer to recommend, an idea about how we can improve your experience or just wanna chat…drop us a line, we’ll get back to you, on the double!

with the warmest welcome,
and hearty thanks,
Vered and Whitney